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Outdoor mosquito lamp lamp in the prevention and control of agricultural pests do important measures

After all, the majority of people in the Department of plant protection and plant protection using the field practice of farmer friend, recognized. Agreed that "solar insecticidal lamp" using a variety of ways at the same time, trapping and killing pests, pest trapping and killing many kinds and large quantity, can greatly reduce pest egg off, depress the pest population and density, the effect is significant. It can also protect the natural enemies of pests, and delay the occurrence of pest resistance, harmless to human and animal. And the solar insecticidal lamp use of low cost, random, easy to move, can be placed anywhere in need of. Solar insecticidal lamp adopts the modern high technology for converting solar energy into electric energy, the insects phototactic behavior, with the corresponding wavelength of light lure to high-voltage power grid to kill, to eradicate adult. It is a set of measuring and reporting, investigation, the pest killing in one of the new energy plant protection equipment, is the ideal choice for physical control. Many kinds of trapping and killing pests, large quantity, can greatly reduce the egg off and depress the pest population and density, and the energy is saved, the cost is low. Good effect, reduce the use of chemical pesticides, the occurrence of pest resistance, harmless to human and animal.
Forecast and forecast is an important part of forestry pest control work.. At present, prediction is mainly based on the traditional artificial ground survey, domestic and foreign some advanced measuring technique and equipment is difficult to be widely used, resulting in prediction and forecast the far can not meet the needs of prevention and control work. Automatic pest forecast lamp is based on black light trapping principle, set light, electricity, new pest control technology in one of the measuring tools.
In China, the occurrence and forecast of agricultural pests are seldom used in the forecast and forecast of forest pests in China.. In order to control the occurrence species, occurrence time and population dynamics of main forest pests in Zhengzhou, the accuracy and forecast level of the forecast are improved, and the scientific prevention and control is to guide scientific and control..
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