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Mosquito killing lamp brand teach you bite the best don't scratch

In addition to remind us, to avoid more mosquitoes inactive water, grass, trees, if necessary to is to take preventive measures, for example, to prepare some mosquito repellent, have baby family suggest not to use too much.
To pass through the supporting nets and keep clean environment the environmental protection and affordable way home to the mosquito in the home, also can use the mosquito phototaxis, warm dark wet and nocturnal habits, dusk to turn off the lights, open the doors and windows, let the mosquito flew to the outside, and then shut.
If it is very, very love sweating mosquitoes citizens, can oral vitamin B1, vitamin B complex to prevent mosquito; once the mosquito, best not to scratch, otherwise easy to cause infection. The average person is the mosquito, will appear red and swollen, pain, itching and other symptoms, the available ammonia itching, can also be altered in redness soap dipped in water, can also be coated with toilet water, wind oily essence, if the truth is hard to endure, to the doctor with a Calamine Lotion drug treatment.
1: put a few grains of vitamin C and vitamin B2 in water, the syrup will be altered in the skin, it will produce a let mosquitoes can not close to smell.
2: the orange in the indoor hanging curtains, or cover orange cellophane in the chimney, because the mosquito fear the orange light, good mosquito repellent effect can occur.
3: hang up a to put onion, or with gauze wrap a few scallion, there will be no more mosquitoes; or put one or two pots of jasmine flowers in the room, Milan, rose, tuberose and other flowers, can repel mosquitoes.
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