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Oukai mosquito killing lamp adopts LED violet

Based on currently available data, from behavioral research progress was reviewed, the research of insect phototaxis domestic in recent decades, physical field. Among them, behavior research, supplement each other more, both results are consistent, and reliable basis for phototaxis mechanisms provide. On Octavia insect phototaxis mechanism, its appearance is more important, interference orientation behavior hypothesis and biological damage, so now use the mosquito killing lamp had become more and more, because the mosquito killing lamp can help reduce the appearance of insects. Cause a see things in a blur of phototactic insects, phototactic orientation behavior is due to light induced. In the twenty-first century, pest control and more and more people, in modern agricultural production more and more shows its superiority.
LED violet principle: the LED is a semiconductor wafer heart, is connected to a support, the other end is connected with the positive pole of a power supply, a wafer is epoxy resin package. Semiconductor chip is composed of two parts, one part is a P type semiconductor, it inside the hole dominated, the other end is a N type semiconductor, here is mainly electronic. However, the connection of two semiconductor, "a PN junction is formed between them". When the current through the wires role in this chip, the electronic will go to P. In the P region of the electron and hole compound, the formation of a photon energy, this is the LED light-emitting principle.
Oukai mosquito killing lamp is an industry standard development tendency, in the mosquito killing lamp continuous research and development of new energy enterprises, especially the violet LED mosquito killing lamp, will cause the entire forest insects can clear trend of mosquito.
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