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Small mosquito lamps placed there tricks

Many people found careful now when visiting farms, as long as the facade of a small dining booths are hung in a light, bright blue insect killers. Although a small insect killers, which is created in Wuhan City, "National Sanitary City" campaign of an integral part.
Yesterday, Vice Mayor Qin random unannounced visits to the city to work when creating a national health found that the vast majority of Internet cafes, salons, markets stalls, has put up mosquito lamps in accordance with the requirements, but most display methods are wrong.

Qiaokou into the barracks Marriott Village cafe, the reporter found the room had not seen the last puff scene, replaced by bright and airy online environment, when you see on the walls lit mosquito lamp, Qin warned: "The lamps are going vacant hanging up, not against the wall."

Young Hua came Qiaokou bazaars, each booth has a facade has insect killers, but each have their own pendulum method. A new shop trafficking beef farmers, shopkeepers directly to the mosquito lamps on low stools, another main street vendor selling seasonings mosquito lamps cross on the booth next to a dimly lit stalls put insect killers as lighting.

Proper use of mosquito lamps should be placed one meter above the ground desktop or hung on the walls 1.8-2.2 meters high, the next person in the case, at the bottom of the lamp into the candy and other attractants, while Do not keep the room light is too strong. First unplug the need to remind the public that the mosquito lamps are high-voltage electrical appliances, be sure to pay attention to safety when using insect killers, mosquito clean up the storage compartment, the operation can not be charged, not charged to move, to avoid accidents.

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