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[People] started the summer mosquito war! 4 large Shazhao let mosquitoes nowhere to run

Summer season, pesky mosquitoes and emerge "buzz" for the chaos. After a person is bitten by a mosquito, in addition to itching, pain, mosquitoes will be infected malaria, filariasis, dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis and other diseases. So, how repellent become an important issue in the summer of healthy living. Here, beauty network to teach you some common mosquito way to let the mosquitoes no longer harass you.

Know thyself - find out the mosquitoes, "hi" and "fear"

● Hi - water, sweet stains

Mosquitoes like to breed in dirty water quiet and lay eggs hatch into larvae in these places, so their houses and interior clear water, equal to end its "hotbed."

Mosquitoes also like to smell like the smell of rum and the like, or to leave milk stains such as milk bottles bottom place to stay, so leave stains with sweet wine bottles or milk bottles as a "trap", often sticky dead mosquitoes.

● afraid - cool oil, orange light

Mosquito afraid some flowers and cool oil, wind spirits like volatile odor, a bedroom where a two basins blooming roses, mint, Milan, jasmine and other flowers, or place boxes Uncovery cool oil, wind spirits, mosquitoes will be disoriented, and then fled.

Mosquitoes are also afraid of orange-red light, summer bulbs installed indoors orange, or red-orange with a translucent paper sleeve on the bulb, the mosquitoes will stay away.

Close the loopholes - Let screens really works

Loading screens can not guarantee no mosquitoes, but they definitely have not installed a lot of mosquitoes.

Mosquito experts reminded the public, should carry out timely and shut the door, do not let the outside into the house with mosquitoes; minimize the time to go out into the evening, because this is when mosquitoes are most prone to fall in. The room; especially if you are out entry when frequent, can be considered temporary mosquito point at the door.

● clean house - clever tool selected mosquito mosquito lamps

Mosquito force: ★ ★ ★ ★

Security: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Get up every day, when you see the lights scattered around a large number of mosquitoes mosquito body, you are not very vengeful pleasure? Want to maximize the effectiveness of mosquito, you can refer to the following:

1 mosquito lamps should be placed in 1.5m-2m height, mosquito can achieve the best results.

2 products in indoor use under direct sunlight, it will weaken the effect of UV light mosquito.

3 Do not put electric mosquito control on the front fan, so as not to encounter strong winds and cause air turbulence.

Reminder: When people do not close the shade as much as possible prolonged outdoor insect killers, insect killers do not want to sleep on the bed. In particular, note that in the course be careful not to let the mosquito lamps leaching into the water, but do not let the children touch approached.

● Mosquito

Mosquito force: ★ ★ ★ ☆

Security: ★ ★ ★ ★

Mosquitoes fly again soon, no waving our hands fast grid electricity a quasi-one. Although mosquitoes were burnt smell, but not toxic.

Mosquitoes favorite fall on the black object, such as the side of the bed, bottom, side walls and the rear wall of the kitchen, picked up a good check Mosquito raids again. Mosquito sometimes you just have to knock down the mosquito, after the mosquito would wake up, certainly added something hit again, do not give it the opportunity to wake up!

● Mosquito coils

Mosquito force: ★ ★

Security: ★ ★

They can only repellent, the mosquitoes smoked faint, but basically kill mosquitoes. Experts reminded the public should pay attention to the point mosquito following four points:

1 home if infants should be no mosquitoes aromatherapy mosquitoes.

2 Be sure to wash your hands after contact with mosquito.

(3) the purchase of mosquito coils, mosquito coils best selection of plant pyrethrum flower production; followed by the selection of tetramethrin, deltamethrin, permethrin, such as low toxicity level pyrethroid chemical pesticides produced mosquito coils; do not buy not indicated active ingredient.

4. Periodically change another brand mosquito coils.

● Mosquito

Mosquito force: ★ ★

Security: ★ ★ ★

Electric mosquito aromatic appropriate, no irritation, no ash, no fire, more easily acceptable, but not every day or often, after all, is toxic. Experts suggest that the use of electric mosquito doors and windows can be closed first 30 minutes, the repellent effect will be better. An effective use of electric mosquito is generally less than 15 square meters indoors.

The liquid should be no liquid mosquito stratification, crystallization, precipitation, should be used with no smoke and irritating odor

In addition to multiple mosquito - mosquito control timing

Mosquito control phototaxis of mosquito great help. In the evening, mosquitoes to fall in. From the outside, this time special attention to the closed door. Six or seven in the morning, but would like mosquitoes kept outside the housing drilled, then a lot of people are still sleeping or rush to work, attend to mosquitoes, but it is the best mosquito time!

Try the screen door shut, but the glass door open. Many mosquito screen door there, head Luanzuan just want to go out of it! Mosquito fire with a burst, to ensure you can revenge!

Tips to avoid mosquito repellent

1, bathe can remove surface secretions taste, reduce the possibility of being attacked mosquitoes.

2, vitamin B metabolism by the body, discharged from the sweat will produce a special smell, can be repellent. So you can eat brown rice, beans, dried fruit, nuts, peanuts, fruit, green vegetables, milk, freshwater fishes, seafood and other foods rich in vitamin B.

3, wearing yellow, white and other light-colored clothes can reduce the chances of being bitten by mosquitoes.

4, against mosquitoes phototaxis, dark and humid environment of high temperature and hi nocturnal habits, indoor lighting can be turned off in the evening, open windows and doors, to be outdoor mosquito flew, and then closed screen door screens, to avoid mosquitoes fly into.

5, placed in the bedroom cool boxes Uncovery oil and wind spirits, will mothball ground, and threw in the house corner can be repellent.

6, with the amount of mint, basil or tomato leaves, rub the juice applied to the human body exposed skin to prevent mosquito bites.

7, with an empty bottle or cup fitted mouth sugar or beer in the shade, mosquitoes smell the sweet smell of the bottle will be drilled into, sugar water or beer will be stuck death.

     8, orange bulbs for indoor installation, or translucent orange cellophane sleeve on the part of the bulb can expel mosquitoes.

9, after the burning residue dried tea and orange peel, etc. can be smoked ran mosquitoes.

10, in a hanging lamp onion, spring onion or a few bags of yarn helps repellent.

Hall of Fame repellent flowers

1, Jasmine: rich floral summer mosquitoes can be placed indoors shunned.

2, tuberose: petals opening night, the day closed, and its specific flavor has a magical repellent effect.

3, azaleas: a certain toxicity. Mosquitoes can not close.

     4, Marigold: There is a strong odor, mosquitoes can not close it, is a special kind of good natural insect repellent.

5, pyrethrum: flower containing avermectin, make mosquitoes poisoning.

6, Mint: fragrance has a special aroma, smell mosquitoes would dizziness. After insect bites, with its leaves to boil water sufficiently, a cool-inflammatory effects such as itching.

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