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What are the more common mosquitoes?

We also see more mosquitoes do not blame, but also an important medium that mosquito-borne diseases, but you know what kind they do? Environmental Mosquito experts give you a brief introduction of the more common: Anopheles, Culex and Aedes. Many species of mosquitoes, the mosquito is also home to three of the more common.

       Anopheles adults is characterized mostly spotted wings, the body is mostly gray, body stay when staying face and maintain a certain angle, it is most active at night. Anopheles larvae breed in stagnant water in a large, water rice fields, marshes, reed ponds, ditches and other slow flow.

       Adult Culex It is characterized by mostly non-wing spot, its body color is brown, the body stays, it is often to maintain balance and stay plane, parallel to the state, its activities mostly at night. Widely distributed around the world, is the second largest genus of mosquito families, more than 800 known species and subspecies. China is known of more than 70 species. Larvae breed in stagnant water or containers of various types of water bodies. They are most common indoor mosquito, house mosquito generally known.


       Aedes no adult is characterized by a wing spot, the body is mostly black, but there are white, because it is like daytime activities, so we often indoors in a cool place during the day and often have this kind of mosquitoes to harassment, may we all have the impression that its body is black with white markings.

       They day vampire, ferocious bite, spread of dengue, "Asian tiger mosquito" said. Breeding in natural water and small containers, such as tanks, cans, cans, flower beds, bamboo, tree holes, lunch boxes, discarded tires, potted plants, the majority of the ditch clogged roof, etc.. Spotted mosquito will bite during the day and night regardless of the vampire. Piebald mosquitoes not only fierce, but good flying. General mosquitoes fly away only a few dozen to a few hundred meters, the furthest no more than 1-2 km, but spotted mosquito can fly 5-7 km, and fast, but also be free to do before and after roll, dive, sharp turns, sudden acceleration or deceleration, such as "difficult moves." They typically prefer to feed on human blood, "house mosquito", daytime vampire, habits like Aedes albopictus. Like tanks and other vessels with spawning, breeding larvae.

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