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Active summer season mosquito, mosquito coup scientific works

Event ticks a lot of people began to show concern usually neglected small insects: how much of our lives in a small insect bites? Reporters learned that the annual summer and fall are the mosquitoes active period is the peak of mosquito bites.
"Malaria commonly known as 'Fat fever, fight malaria', B infectious diseases in our country is one, is currently the world's most serious insect-borne infectious diseases, the incidence of malaria and more in summer and autumn, most patients sudden chills, shivering, pale, chills stopped secondary fever, headache, followed by the body sweating, body temperature returned to normal, and is currently the most vulnerable areas of malaria, the country mainly in Anhui, Yunnan and Hainan provinces, Africa and Southeast Asia, the main foreign to these areas service personnel should pay particular attention to prevent malaria. "Mouke Zhang reminder, went to the high incidence of malaria in Africa as well as domestic work and live off staff, if chills, fever, headache and other symptoms of suspected malaria when to go to the local township hospital as soon as possible or County CDC doctor, blood test to identify the presence or absence of blood in the malaria parasite.

Expert Weapon mosquito coup

Because of small mosquito easy to spread serious diseases, so it is particularly important against mosquito bites. Mouke Zhang from the family protection to personal protection for the public on a number of practical and scientific coup. Such as family protection, common use mosquito nets, screen doors, window screens, insect repellent, electric mosquito, mosquito coils, etc., may also raise some flowers and insect repellent, such as tuberose, marigold, jasmine, Pungent and mint.

"In terms of personal protection, use mosquito repellent, long sleeves long pants to reduce mosquito bites, but many people do not know that you can also wear light-colored clothing to prevent mosquito bites. Attention to personal hygiene is also very important, bathe, keep the skin clean, can reduce mosquito bites. "牟科长 also introduced in the diet also has DEET coup," because there are some vegetables contain mosquitoes do not like the smell, like carotene-containing vegetables and garlic and other vegetables with a pungent odor, people eat after the mosquitoes will stay away from you. Additionally, to change sleeping habits, a day after the peak of the evening is a mosquito activity, especially in this period of time to do personal protection. "

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