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Mosquito bites how to do?

Aspirin swelling itching Act

After itchy mosquito bites can be a crushed aspirin with water into a paste, applied to the surface of the skin, swelling and itching can.

Scorpion stings bee ammonia treatment method

After being stung by bees, scorpions, that applied to the affected area with dilute ammonia, can be disinfected pain.

Lentils rule centipede bites Act

Take the right amount of fresh lentil mash, spreads in the wound, can cure centipede bites.

Ice itching Law

Who appeared itch blocks, hand scratching only temporary itching, itching after will be more intense. You can ice spreads itches, itching will be completely eliminated.

Tea itching dandruff law

Geye wash with water and adhere to regular washing, you can receive itching effect.

Centipede bites of garlic vinegar treatment method

Mash the garlic, vinegar and mix thoroughly, apply centipede bites can stop swelling.

Garlic treatment method of mosquito bites

Mash garlic coated in mosquito bites, can relieve itching swelling.

Straw ash treatment method leech bites

After being bitten by a leech, straw ash should be immediately applied to the affected area, you can stop the bleeding Qudu.

Soap anti-itching taro law

When scraping taro skin, often itchy hands, just before frying, coating the exposed soap at hand dipped in water, and then wash hands upon frying
Soap, you can prevent it.

Soap itching Law

After the skin is inflamed itchy mosquito bite, dipped in water applied after insect bite with soap Department awhile, swelling and itching can.

Licorice cure scorpion stings bee law

Take the right amount of licorice into the mouth, chewed after Fuyu affected area, can cure bee, scorpion stings.

Cupping treatment bee stings Act

After being stung by a bee, edema and pain, immediately pulling a cupping, making bee venom excreted immediately relieve pain.

Fire governance scorpion stings bee law

Alcohol lamp or candle flame carefully matches baking bees, scorpions sting wound, can relieve pain.

Centipede bites of chicken saliva Governance Act

Take cock mouth saliva coated in a wound, you can remove the poison centipede.

Chrysanthemum leaf scorpion stings bee Governance Act

The Chrysanthemum mosaic mash, spreads in the wound, can cure bee, scorpion stings.

Bitter leaf Governance Act centipede bites

After being bitten by a centipede, after using fresh leaves of bitter gourd smashed topical cure.

Kerosene alkali bee scorpion sting treatment method

After being stung by bees, scorpions, alkali and kerosene can and mix thoroughly, apply to affected areas, analgesic effect.

Thermos plug itching Act

After the mosquito bites, can quickly take a bite at a high temperature hot water bottle stopper in 2 to 3 minutes, successive, itching to disappear, but not out
Now erythema. Stoppers do not burn the skin temperature is appropriate.

Human milk cure bites Act

After the baby mosquito bites, can be painted red and swollen breast milk at four times daily, may be swelling.

Bedsore prevention law

To adhere to the timing stand, change position frequently to avoid pressure on certain parts of the body for too long. Usually every two hours during the day and night, every 3
Hour turning once the body. If a certain part of the body found in the skin of congestion, should be timely or cushion gas rings and other items to raise pressure areas, so vacant,
Meanwhile dry cleaned with water, alcohol rubbed with saffron massage the affected area. Such as bedsores has formed, baked locally available lamps with high 1:5000
Potassium permanganate solution to clean, and then coated with silver sulfadiazine or medicine to rot Shengjisan. Large deep wounds should be promptly sent to hospital for treatment.

Mulberry rule gecko bite law

Take a little mulberry pan gravy, transferred alum, spreads in the affected area, can cure gecko nipped.

Prunella cure scorpion stings bee law

The fresh leaves pounded Prunella, Fuyu affected area, can cure bee, scorpion stings.

Cigarette ash itching Act

Take a handful of cigarette ash, drip a few drops into Serve paste, apply the affected area, stop itching skin effect.

French onion itching

Mosquitoes, redness itching caused by flea bites later, the painting can be used to relieve itching onion mash.

Drug treatment bee stings law toothpaste

After being stung by a bee, immediately spotting drug toothpaste, can relieve pain.

Spider bites law rule centipede

Directly on the live centipede bites spider, spiders will automatically leave centipede net absorption of toxins.

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